MINIMESH® RPD Hiflo-S to be presented at FILTECH 2016

Using its new weaving technology, Haver & Boecker has created a three-dimensional pore geometry that makes filtration processes faster, more efficient and more economical than before.

Compared with other filter media, the specific properties of a woven wire mesh can be precisely described geometrically and defined through the type of weave, wire diameter and mesh count. For users and manufacturers of woven wire filters, this is a considerable advantage, because geometric pore size and permeability can be precisely calculated beforehand. This makes it possible to attain a higher separation effect and shape stability.

The open surface over an area is significantly increased due to the weaving structure. The medium‘s flow-through rate can be doubled when compared to conventional filter cloth having the same pore size. The pore size within a batch can be calibrated as desired from 5 µm to 40 µm.