Millipore publishes 2009 Sustainability Report

Millipore also launched a Design for Sustainability program in 2009, which is now being incorporated into the company's product development process.

Other Millipore initiatives and accomplishments highlighted in the 2009 Sustainability Report include LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for two US Millipore facilities, solar system installations at two major Millipore sites (Bedford, Massachusetts and Molsheim, France), and receipt of several awards, including the New England Clean Energy Council’s Corporate Citizen of the Year.

“We are modifying our manufacturing processes in order to reduce energy and water consumption and find new uses for production materials that would otherwise become waste,” explained Martin Madaus, Millipore chairman, president and CEO. “We are also collaborating with customers on ways to minimize packaging and manage the environmental impact of products through their entire life cycle.”

Millipore is embedding sustainability principles and best practices throughout its entire supply chain,” said David Newman, Millipore senior director, Global Sustainability.

“Millipore is also making it easier for employees to make sustainable choices in their own lives, through a number of innovative programs that provide incentives for purchasing hybrid vehicles, conducting home energy audits and installing solar panels,” added Newman.

A PDF version of the Millipore 2009 Sustainability Report can be downloaded at