Microtox meets London Olympics water challenge

Modern Water plc is a leader in water technologies for the production of fresh water and monitoring of water quality.Microtox is an industry product which detects toxins in water and has been used at every summer Olympics and Paralympics since 1984. Once again this year, Thames Water, the provider of all the drinking water for the 2012 Olympic Games, decided to use the Microtox M500 units to test drinking water at the Olympic Park during the Games.Each day Thames Water ensured the provision of safe, clean drinking water at the Olympic Games by taking a water sample from each of the major Olympic venues in the area and using the Microtox M500 at its main laboratory in Reading to analyse the water quality. The Microtox M500 tests for toxicity and detects any toxic substance. A Thames Water spokesperson commented: “Thames Water used Microtox analysis quite extensively over the course of the Olympics and Paralympics. Use of Microtox was a new departure for the company but we were pleased to continue the long tradition of Microtox usage at the Olympic Games. The Microtox rapid toxicity test proved to be a useful screening tool when used in conjunction with more traditional analytical methods.”