Micromag magnetic filter improves efficiency

The filter removes submicron particles from the oil in Mollart’s gundrilling and general machining centre.

Mollart was experiencing problems with the amount of fine particulate produced by the machine, which accumulated quickly on the bottom of the tank and impaired the functioning of the pump because it became blocked by a build-up of debris. This meant it had to be washed manually, causing machine down time. Mollart needed to find an effective method of removing the dust from the oil before it settled on the bottom of the clean tank.

Mollart now employ a system that consists of 3 levels of filtration which includes the Micromag to catch and collect the submicron particles. A single Micromag is fitted to the machine to act as a polishing filter, which operates on a continuous basis. The Micromag acts as a clean-up filter that is used after the base filtration methods have done their work, polishing the oil to a finer standard and removing submicron particles to achieve the high levels of filtration.