MGX Minerals and PurLucid announce initial commissioning of lithium recovery system

MGX Minerals Inc reports that engineering partner PurLucid Treatment Solutions has partially commissioned the commercial-scale NFLi lithium recovery system at its new manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The pre-treatment nanoflotation and nanofiltration system is now operational with all electrical, control and pump systems in the first two stages of the process operational under constant flow. Additional mineral extraction nanofiltration components are expected to be brought online over the upcoming weeks. The system will be ready for deployment in the first quarter of 2018.

The NFLi5 system can process 750 barrels (120 m3) of brine per day. The system utilizes patented nanoflotation technology to purify wastewater or natural brine while extracting lithium and other minerals using the patent-pending rapid mineral recovery process jointly developed by MGX and PurLucid and licensed globally to MGX.

MGX reports that PurLucid is continuing to conduct bulk sample testing from various MGX lithium target sites throughout North America. A recent sample of brine wastewater originating from Utah was concentrated from 600 mg/L Li to 3,300 mg/L Li to produce a clean lithium chloride concentrate of 19,900 mg/L with undetectable levels of magnesium. This sample is being shipped for off-take evaluation. Additionally, brine samples from two Petrolithium projects in Alberta were successfully processed through the Li-1 pilot plant system. PurLucid has signed a contract with the oilfield operator on one project and negotiations are underway with the other. The signed contract is based on a per cubic meter processing fee valued up to C$2 million annually of wastewater processing revenue in addition to any value from lithium and other minerals extracted.

MGX currently owns a 34% interest in PurLucid and has the right to acquire 100% through successive future investments. The company expects to increase its ownership to 45% shortly.