Metalworking training vehicle features filtration line

The vehicle, a 32 foot Peterbilt diesel rig with a 24 ft equipment showroom, is filled with magnetic and vibratory material handling products as well as equipment from the company's HydroFlow fluid recycling and fluid filtration line. The current layout features SafeHold lifting magnets, magnetic conveyors, vibratory feeders, magnetic finish mill unloaders, ProGrade magnetic separators, Magna-Rails and Magna Rolls, sump cleaners, portable and tank side coalescers, drum top mixers and belt skimmers.

"Our primary objective with the Orange University Metalworking Demonstration and Training Vehicle is to assist customers in finding economical and effective solutions to their material handling, metal contamination and fluid recycling and filtration challenges through demonstrations, workshops and hands-on learning activities offered right in their own parking lots, said Andrew Kloecker, Eriez manager of metalworking distributor sales.