Memsift receives US patent for its Stomate membrane

The US Patent Office (USPTO) has granted Memsift Innovations Pte Ltd US patent number 11530178 covering the formulation and the method of making the Stomate membrane and its various applications.

Stomate is a highly hydrophobic hollow fiber membrane with unique surface chemistry for vapour permeation. For efficient thermal membrane separation and membrane distillation (MD) process, the membrane should ideally exhibit several optimum characteristics in terms of membrane thickness, porosity, pore size, chemical and thermal stability, membrane surface chemistry (hydrophobicity) and high liquid entry pressure (LEP). Memsift has purposely developed a highly hydrophobic 2D material and hollow fiber membrane Stomate with unique surface chemistry and enhanced performance for membrane distillation application.

The technology has been demonstrated together with the TS-30 improved membrane distillation system for industrial liquid-waste treatment and resource recovery focusing on pharmaceutical, chemical/pulp and paper/metal finishing/mining industries. It helps to close the industrial liquid-waste loop and recover up to 100% chemicals (metal salts, acids and other chemical compounds) and water at >80% lower operating cost compared to traditional evaporators. The technology also reduces the overall carbon footprint significantly.

“We are pleased that the US Patent Office has recognized the uniqueness of our Stomate membrane technology and granted this patent,” said Dr J Antony Prince, the CEO of Memsift Innovations. “The patent further strengthens our commercialization efforts and differentiates our improved membrane distillation system against the traditional membrane distillation methods and provides Memsift Innovations a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.”