Linxens, Memsift launch sustainable nickel recovery system

Microelectronics manufacturer Linxens and Memsift Innovations have introduced the world's first commercial membrane distillation system for sustainable nickel recovery.

Dr J Antony Prince, founder and CEO of Memsift Innovations (left) and Cuong Duong, Group CEO of Linxens.
Dr J Antony Prince, founder and CEO of Memsift Innovations (left) and Cuong Duong, Group CEO of Linxens.

The two companies have been collaborating since 2019 when Linxens Singapore embarked on a technical feasibility study with Memsift, exploring the potential of the TS-30 Improved Membrane Distillation system.

A pilot program launched in early 2022 showcased the system's ability to consistently treat liquid waste and produce exceptionally high-quality water. Linxens is now embracing this technology on a commercial scale, marking a significant step towards closing its liquid waste loop.

The cutting-edge membrane system introduced by Memsift has resulted in an over 90% reduction in waste disposal costs, coupled with a 60% decrease in carbon footprint compared to conventional disposal and incineration methods. These reductions, including the estimated annual decrease of 71 tons of CO2 emissions, are derived from calculations provided by Memsift. The concentrated solution, involving approximately 26.8 tonnes of nickel sulfate salt for recovery (equivalent to 10.2 tonnes of nickel), reflects a carbon footprint of 11.5kg/kg for nickel.

At the official inauguration of the membrane distillation-based nickel recovery system, Linxens CEO Cuong H Duong emphasized the company's commitment to sustainable solutions and Corporate Social Responsibility through its Vitality program.

“Notably, Linxens actively engages with local communities, supporting education, healthcare, and environmental conservation initiatives,” said Duong. “We are not merely focused on advancing technological frontiers; our dedication extends to nurturing a flourishing ecosystem. By incorporating the innovative membrane distillation system, Linxens aims to initiate a ripple effect of positive change, harnessing its environmental benefits both within our ecosystem and beyond.”

Velmurugan Ramanathan, Director of Operations at Linxens Singapore, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Memsift, highlighting their pivotal role in implementing the membrane distillation system. He emphasized how the technology's efficiency has revitalized operations, resulting in a substantial 90% reduction in disposal costs and a 60% decrease in carbon footprint. Velmurugan also expressed interest in continuing this collaboration with Memsift for future endeavours.

Dr J Antony Prince, founder & CEO of Memsift Innovations, highlighted the project's significance in transforming waste into value, showcasing how global industry leaders can collaborate with innovative startups like Memsift to address critical global challenges, including water conservation (SDG-6) and climate change (SDG-13).

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