MEGAcel filter with Helior media

MEGAcel filters with Helior media incorporate tapered aluminium separators to optimise pleat pack resistance. The Helior media in MEGAcel filters is highly resistant to corrosive environments, thereby reducing the risk of change-out due to filter media degradation. The Helior media in MEGAcel filters has a tensile strength eight times that of standard micro-fibreglass media providing a lower susceptibility to damage, reducing repairs in production and installation and ultimately saving money for the customer.

The HEPA/ULPA Helior media used in MEGAcel filters was developed by AAF and is manufactured and tested in an ISO Class 7 environment, eliminating any potential for contamination.

The MEGAcel filter with Helior media is designed for energy efficient operation in a variety of applications including healthcare, pharmaceutical, electronic, food processing and laboratory environments.