Media market to exceed US$17 billion in 2012

The McIlvaine report adds that the liquid cartridge segment will account for nearly one third of the total while nonwovens and membranes account for almost half the market. Carbon black and other media make up the remainder.

Just fewer than 10% of the total media market will consist of media for masks, respirators and vacuum cleaners. There is wide range of media used in this segment, from inexpensive face masks and paper vacuum bags to the expensive, high efficiency media used in respirators.

The fluid power and mobile segment is dominated by vehicle applications, where fuel filtration filters will account for much of the US$1.4 billion in this segment. The indoor air and gas turbine segment is over US$2 billion and media for the intake for gas turbines and other rotating machinery represent 8% of this total market.

The same nonwoven media used in dust collector bags is also used in filter cloths and other liquid applications. Membranes are making a significant penetration in the air segment and more recently, back pulsed tubular membrane bags have gained market share in the liquid segment too. There is also a significant market for filtration media in cleanroom clothing.