Filter media market to reach US$25 billion in 2010

2010 filter media sales will grow at a faster rate than GDP because of applications like water treatment and growth markets such as China.

McIlvaine projects fabric filter bag sales of US$2310 million next year and liquid macrofiltration sales of US$1254 million. Sales of indoor air filters will reach US$6018 million in 2010, while liquid cartridge sales are forecast at US$13 644 million and cross flow membranes at US$1890 million.

McIlvaine believes that the stimulus funding for infrastructure projects will boost filter media sales for water and wastewater treatment, but that longer term, the growth will come from developing countries. McIlvaine points out that the Chinese share of the liquid macrofiltration media market is low, but that sales of new macrofiltration equipment are high. As the equipment inventory expands, so the media market will expand with it.

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