Masdar Institute and Xylem partner to improve Abu Dhabi’s water sector

The key performance indicators (KPIs) will be established through a one-year study that aims to help policymakers, regulators and those responsible for specifying and purchasing equipment and processes in the region to make informed decisions.

The study will also help achieve targets set through the development of a marginal abatement cost curve (MACC) for wastewater transport and treatment technologies.

Dr Steve Griffiths, vice president of Research at the Masdar Institute, said: “Our partnership with Xylem will result in an increased ability to identify areas for improvement in the water and wastewater transport and treatment sector. Masdar Institute has experience in developing abatement cost curves, and believes this collaboration is foundational to our expanded research efforts across the water sector.”

“The partnership with Masdar Institute will enable us and government stakeholders to further understand areas of improvement for the UAE’s water and wastewater sector, in particular around energy efficiency, ultimately supporting the deployment of highly-efficient technologies and processes to help solve pressing water issues with sustainable solutions. Masdar Institute has demonstrated its expertise and ability to address issues critical to the UAE’s sustainable development, and we are proud to partner with them on this important project,” said Vincent Chirouze, Xylem regional director, Middle East and Africa.