Xylem announces US$35mn expansion plan for MENA

The water technology company has already invested in a number of facilities across the region, including a local manufacturing plant and offices in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar. Further investment will now be made to expand its service business.

Xylem is planning to make a significant investment in a local manufacturing plant in Dubai. The facility will provide the market with locally engineered products and services. It will also host a training & learning centre providing training for engineers, contractors and installers in the proper design, installation and maintenance of water related technology solutions and applications. Xylem moves to new offices in Dubai later this year, which will serve as the headquarters for the company’s regional operations.

“The water-energy nexus is especially relevant throughout the MENA region,” said Vincent Chirouze, regional director, Xylem Middle East and North Africa. “We view the low oil price environment as an opportunity to invest and expand in this market while many of our competitors are being cautious or even limiting their investments. As the Middle East works hard to address long-term water security in the region, we are positioning ourselves for long-term growth and success.”

Xylem is also looking to create strategic partnerships with government and private entities to address regional water issues through its expansion plan. A recently announced collaboration between Xylem and the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology is designed to establish sustainability indicators such as energy and cost performance of processes and equipment for water, wastewater and water transport and treatment facilities in Abu Dhabi.