Mann+Hummel wins international award

Mann+Hummel's Filter Cubes in use in Stuttgart, Germany.
Mann+Hummel's Filter Cubes in use in Stuttgart, Germany.

Mann+Hummel’s Filter Cubes have been awarded the silver medal of the International Paul Pietsch Award by German automotive magazine Auto Motor und Sport.

Since 2018, Filter Cubes from Mann+Hummel have been significantly improving air quality in major cities around the world and this award was for their use in Stuttgart, Germany and globally.  A study of the Filter Cubes at Stuttgart's Neckartor found that the columns provide a 9% reduction in nitrogen dioxide pollutio and a reduction of between 10–19% was achieved in the pavement area.

Jan-Eric Raschke, director of Air Solution Systems at Mann+Hummel, said: "We are delighted that we have made it onto the podium of a prestigious automotive award ceremony with a product that is not even directly installed in a car. This clearly shows that we are increasingly being perceived as one of the technology leaders for filtration solutions also outside the mobility sector."

The jury commented: "Filter columns from Mann+Hummel have already proven at several locations around the world that they can noticeably reduce the concentration of fine dust and nitrogen oxides in the air.”