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Mann+Hummel USA opens new facility

The facility will manufacture OEM parts and is projected to employ 150 technicians and workers. It will be in operation by the end of 2013. Mann+Hummel USA has also expanded the operations of its Michigan warehouse and distribution centre. The company also increased the area and introduced production and assembly operations for OEM parts in that facility. “NAFTA and South America are significant growth markets for Mann+Hummel,” said Alfred Weber, CEO of Mann+Hummel. “The new manufacturing site, 150 new technicians and workers and new services will help to better serve the increasing demand of our customers and to turn our growth goals into reality.” Currently Mann+Hummel USA employs 400 people, 375 of them in Michigan. It produces battery frames for electric vehicles, air intake manifolds, air cleaner systems and fluid reservoirs for the passenger car, commercial vehicle and industrial markets. The company also distributes Mann-Filter brand air, oil and fuel filter elements for vehicle and industrial applications. The group plans to increase its last year’s turnover of €2.18 billion to €3.4 billion by 2018, and the Americas are expected to account for roughly 25% of this turnover. In 2010 South America accounted for 10% of turnover and the NAFTA region for 12%. The US vehicle market is recovering, especially the heavy duty segment, and the passenger car production is expected to grow around 10% in 2011. German brands are participating in this recovery since higher fuel prices have driven American customers to place greater importance on the fuel efficiency of their cars, the company says. The production of commercial vehicles is expected to reach a 40% growth in 2011 and the industrial equipment segment is expected to grow substantially.