MANN+HUMMEL presents air filters for contamination control in data centres

MANN+HUMMEL will present solutions for contamination control in data centre HVAC systems at Datacenter World 2022. Efficient filtration of the air prevents corrosion, among other things, and is a key technology for enabling continuous and safe operation of data centers.

Corrosion causes tremendous risks and occurs regardless of whether data centres are located in inner cities, industrial areas or rural areas.

It is usually attributed to moisture. However, air pollution with corrosive gases is the main cause. The source of these harmful emissions is, for example, manure from animal farming in rural areas, heating systems in cities or industrial processes such as wastewater treatment, metal smelting, paper production or chemical process technology. Corrosive gases attack copper wires or nickel-plated parts and cause significant safety risks for people and the data centre itself. The spectrum of consequences ranges from short-term failures to the complete loss of the data centre due to fire or explosions in combination with significant personal harm.

Reliable protection against corrosion and its consequences is offered by the world's leading filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL with a comprehensive range of products and services for ventilation and air-conditioning systems in data centres:

  • Site analysis and monitoring service with corrosion coupons.
  • Efficient air filters that filter out corrosive gases and thus protect against corrosion-related failures
  • qlair Air Quality Monitoring across all buildings
  • Comprehensive service offerings from filter service partners that enable secure data centres operations