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Mann+Hummel oil eliminators offer lower cost of ownership

Mann+Hummel's ScandFilter oil mist and oil smoke eliminator.
Mann+Hummel's ScandFilter oil mist and oil smoke eliminator.

Mann+Hummel is introducing a new line of oil mist and oil smoke eliminators for the mechanical engineering industry which are said to reduce energy costs in comparison to existing products on the market.

The new units feature EC motors with resistance control which is reported to considerably reduce energy costs and minimize noise emissions. Unlike electrostatic separators which have to be serviced several times per year, the Mann+Hummel extraction systems can run for up to two years without the need for maintenance. All of the filtration stages are accessible via just one door, making maintenance easy. These advantages reduce the total cost of ownership for operators in comparison to other systems.

The system has a modular design, making it very flexible, and it is possible to combine a single oil eliminator with a machining center or link several oil eliminators to a central oil separator. Using a single unit covers nominal flow rates up to 6,000 m3/h and using multiple units linked to a central system flow rates up to or higher than 100,000 m3/h can be achieved.

Mann+Hummel mechanical separators are fitted with three filtration stages – two stages consisting of coalescence separators and a third stage comprising a HEPA filter. These filtration stages separate up to 99.95% of the aerosols. Depending on the application, further filtration stages can be fitted upstream or downstream. For example, a demister stage can be fitted upstream to retain metal shavings, or an activated carbon stage can be fitted downstream to remove undesired odors.

Oil and emulsion mist eliminators protect the health of employees working in the production process. The cooling lubricants used in grinding, turning and milling result in oil and emulsion mist. In contrast to existing solutions on the market which work with electrostatic or centrifugal separators, Mann+Hummel says its mechanical oil mist eliminators separate fine particles with a size of PM1 which can trigger dermatitis, work-related asthma and other lung diseases.