Major milestones for Meurer Research

Meurer Research Inc (MRI), the water and wastewater treatment company, has announced it  has hit the three billion treated gallons-per-day (GPD) mark with its high-capacity Inclined Plate Settlers.

The engineering and manufacturing business, with over 50 patents and thousands of installations of advanced water and wastewater treatment equipment, said the three billion GPD was achieved when the Utah Valley Water Treatment Plant in Orem, came online last month. To put the milestone into perspective, said a company spokesman, three billion GPD is enough clean water for the average daily water use of: 11% of the USA, or, in eight-ounce servings, three billion gallons is enough to serve every person in the world 6.5 glasses of water every day.    MRI’s installations range in capacity from hundreds of gallons-per-minute to hundreds of millions of gallons-per-day in the US, Canada, Mexico, South Korea and Australia.  The first install of MRI Inclined Plate Settlers, the company’s signature product, was at the City of Arvada, Colorado, Water Treatment Plant in 2001. Encouraged by the ability to increase capacity while saving on space and costs significantly, other municipalities soon adopted MRI Plate Settlers. “Demand for treated water continues to increase,'' said Lonnie Meurer, president of MRI, ''and financially constrained facilities are pressed to find solutions for properties that are utilised fully already. We are delighted to provide treatment equipment that helps municipalities meet increased demand efficiently.”   In addition, MRI is marking the fact it has installed its 1,000th Hoseless Cable-Vac Sludge Collector at the 2.5 MGD Jefferson, Georgia, Water Treatment Plant. Developed in 2002, MRI’s patented Hoseless Cable-Vac Sludge Collectors meet the need for a low-profile, reliable sludge removal system that can be used with plate and tube settlers. The first installation was 12 units at the Forest Park, Pennsylvania Water Treatment Plant. By eliminating the problematic sludge hose and the need for a guide rail, the design has proven to be the most reliable and efficient method of sludge collection. MRI’ hoseless technology is preferred by most major engineering firms.

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