LiqTech invests in new furnaces

LiqTech International Inc has installed a brand new customized furnace for use in the manufacture of the company’s proprietary silicon carbide membrane filters.

The new furnace has throughputs that are more than three times that of the company’s existing furnaces due to size and efficiency.

This initial new furnace is the first step in a multi-phase process to increase overall capacity with modernized equipment. LiqTech is planning to install a second new furnace by February 2020, and two additional furnaces by June 2020. When all four are successfully installed, the company expects to completely retire its current older, less efficient furnaces.

LiqTech says that its manufacturing initiatives are expected to result in total capacity of US$150 million–US$200 million on an annualized basis by mid-2020.

“We are extremely pleased to have successfully installed the first of our new furnaces in line with our previously announced expectations,” said Sune Mathiesen, CEO of LiqTech International. “This new furnace will significantly increase our overall capacity to meet the near-term demand for our silicon carbide membrane filter technology. With the new furnace now installed we are on track to meet all scheduled deliveries in the first quarter of 2020. We look forward to the continued ramp in our manufacturing capacity to help meet our goals for strong revenue growth in 2020.”