LiqTech and Ecolotron to commercialize combined solution for phosphoric acid purification

Clean technology company LiqTech International Inc has entered into a cooperation agreement with US-based electrolytic water treatment company Ecolotron Wastewater Solutions Inc for the commercialization of a combined solution for acid purification.

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The LiqTech and Ecolotron solution is based on a combination of Ecolotron’s E – FLOC technology - electrochemical precipitation and oxidation/reduction system and LiqTech's silicon carbide ceramic ultrafiltration system for the purification of crude phosphoric acid streams. The two companies have filed a joint patent application for this combined solution.

Fei Chen, CEO of LiqTech, said: “Our silicon carbide ceramic membrane is extremely robust and ideal for the filtration of highly acidic chemicals such as phosphoric acid. Our first commercial test unit in the USA has been operating for the past two months and has delivered superior results in simplifying the acid production process, improving process efficiency and enhancing product quality. This combined solution with Ecolotron will enable the further improvement of purification processes in crude phosphoric acid production."