LANXESS expands its range for PFAS removal from water

LANXESS is introducing Lewatit MonoPlus TP 109, a macroporous anion exchange resin, to combat PFAS contamination at Aquatech in Amsterdam from November 6 to 9, 2023.

Lewatit MonoPlus TP 109
Lewatit MonoPlus TP 109 - LANXESS

Dr. Dirk Steinhilber, a LANXESS Technical Marketing Manager, praises ion exchange resins for efficiently removing contaminants from water. The resin excels at purifying water with PFAS levels exceeding 10 ppb, boasting high selectivity, good kinetics, and fouling resistance. It can be sustainably regenerated with chemicals like methanol and sodium chloride.

Lewatit MonoPlus TP 109 is effective in binding various PFAS and complex anions, ensuring their reliable removal from water, even chlorate from concentrated sodium hydroxide.

LANXESS offers a variety of selective resins, including Lewatit TP 108 DW, which can remove PFAS, especially short-chain variants, in concentrations as low as 10 ppb. It has a long service life and meets US drinking water standards.

Lewatit MP 62 WS, a weak base macroporous anion exchange resin, offers medium PFAS selectivity and is ideal for pre-treating heavily contaminated leachate, efficiently regenerated with sodium hydroxide.

Finally, Lewatit K 6362 is a strong base anion exchange resin for final purification, working in a two-stage process in conjunction with Lewatit MonoPlus TP 109 or Lewatit MP 62 WS.

On November 8, 2023, Dr. Steinhilber will present at Aquatech, discussing the application and characteristics of LANXESS's selective resins for removing contaminants from water.