GLX Filtration unveils turn-key solution for PFAS removal

GLX Filtration announces a turn-key solution for effectively removing per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from water sources to meet stringent regulatory levels.

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This approach not only addresses PFAS contamination but also incorporates a sustainable method for handling spent filter media and permanently destroying the PFAS "forever chemicals."

GLX Filtration has partnered with both Cyclopure, leveraging their advanced Dexsorb technology for highly efficient and cost-effective PFAS removal, and Cogent Technologies, for comprehensive logistics and PFAS destruction. This strategic collaboration enables GLX Filtration to provide a holistic and environmentally responsible solution to one of the most pressing water contamination challenges of our time.

GLX Filtration is currently working with the largest environmental and waste management companies. Our extensive case studies showcase superior efficacy and cost modeling in the most demanding applications.

GLX Solution Benefits:

  • Turn-Key: The GLX Solution provides both the removal of PFAS as well as regeneration and destruction to eliminate all disposal concerns.
  • Efficiency: The solution starts with Dexsorb filter media, a patented filtration media that is certified to NSF/ANSI 61. It proves resistance to fouling, excellent flow, and kinetic properties.
  • Sustainable Regeneration: The Dexsorb filter media is designed for regeneration and reuse, significantly reducing waste and environmental impact.
  • Cost Effective: GLX Filtration's turn-key solution not only provides superior PFAS removal, but also optimizes operational costs, making it an economically viable choice for industries and municipalities with minimal waste and complete PFAS destruction.