Koch Separation Solutions and ADM increase collaboration

Koch Separation Solutions (KSS) is growing its relationship with agricultural origination and processing company ADM promoting operational efficiency and sustainability in water and wastewater treatment.

KSS is an ADM preferred vendor of water, wastewater and in-process separations applications.

“In our long relationship with ADM, we have worked closely together to tackle important projects that are essential for society, and we’re excited to grow this relationship,” said Manny Singh, president of KSS. “Our increased collaboration with ADM will allow for greater synergy between our teams as we complement each other’s capabilities and search for greater ways to innovate that will benefit everyone.”

KSS has been working with ADM on a number of applications, many of which aim to meet tighter discharge limits and/or recover water affecting their production plants. Designs of these applications, which were developed in collaboration with ADM’s Utilities Center of Excellence and KSS Process Engineering, have proven successful when piloted at ADM sites using a range of membrane configurations. Most recently, ADM’s joint venture Stratas facility purchased a KONSOLIDATOR 544 FEG PLUS tubular Ultrafiltration system from KSS to treat oily wastewater prior to discharge. The system will operate under modified batch mode to retain oil for potential rendering and water for discharge and/or recovery. Additional projects are underway using the PULSION MBR membrane modules to treat wastewater from ADM’s production facilities and to purify water for a variety of plant processes.

“For ADM, being a good steward of our culture and of our environment is part of who we are, and increasing sustainability through our operations is one of our top priorities,” said Mark Carroll, water/wastewater engineer of ADM. “Our relationship with KSS is a testament to this, and our continuing collaboration with them will serve to enhance our work in the industries we serve.”