KMS installs Puron HF ultrafiltration at Chinese steel mill

The system is the first large application of the PURON HF product in the metals industry, with a capacity of 57,600 m3 (15.2 M3 gallons) per day.

Puron HF ultrafiltration modules are designed for high solids applications and can be found in applications such as reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment, surface water treatment and tertiary wastewater treatment. KMS claims that its Puron HF systems can provide water recoveries of greater than 95% and produce consistent, high-quality water that meets or exceeds most regulatory requirements.

Turbidity requirements

At the steel mill, the treated water will serve as mill service water and will meet permeate turbidity requirements of less than 0.2 NTU, and a silt density index (SDI) of less than three.

Puron HF was selected after a pilot demonstration showed better permeate quality, lower energy consumption, and lower chemical consumption compared with other competitive products. The submerged reinforced Puron HF modules feature supported membrane fibers, which virtually eliminate breakage risks. This results in a high throughput, compact wastewater solution that can be implemented for a low lifecycle cost.