Joint venture promotes bio-desulphurisation

Paqell BV will market biological desulphurisation in the oil and gas sector for high pressure gas applications using Pacques’ THIOPAQ O&G (Oil & Gas) technology, says Paques Holding and Shell.

The Thiopaq process uses natural occurring bacteria for sulphur recovery and produces biosulphur for direct land use in fertilizer and fungicide applications, or standard Claus-quality sulphur. It is suitable for use with gas, natural gas, flared gas, acid gas, and oil refining. Thiopaq has been deployed by Paques in the water business for atmospheric biogas desulphurisation since the early 1990s. Following an alliance with Shell in 1997, Paques deployed the process in the broader oil and gas industry, particularly in large scale H2S removal and sulphur recovery.

“This joint venture is the achievement of our strategy of continuous innovation and forming partnerships for product and market development. We therefore look forward to an even closer cooperation with Shell,” said Rob Heim, managing director of Paques Holding B.V.

The joint venture involves setting up a new research and development. Once the programme is successfully completed, Paqell will operate from the Watercampus in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. At the moment, Paqell is based in Leeuwarden, Amsterdam and Balk.