Johns Manville’s Evalith brand goes global

Nonwovens manufacturer Johns Manville has announced that Evalith™ will be the unified brand for its Engineered Products nonwovens business.

Johns Manville’s European nonwovens business has produced products under the Evalith brand name since 2012. North American nonwovens product lines will now share the Evalith brand with the company’s European nonwovens product lines, allowing the Engineered Products business to operate under one global brand.

The Evalith name is derived from the Latin word “evalidus,” which means “very strong.”

“The unified brand name will further reinforce the global position of our nonwovens business,” said Martin Kleinebrecht, Global Portfolio & Marketing Leader Nonwovens for JM Engineered Products. “North American nonwovens products will certainly continue to be produced with the same performance expectations. We do not anticipate the name change to disrupt any operations.”

Johns Manville will first transition the glass fiber mat and sliver product lines to the new brand name, followed by PET sunbond, glass microfiber air media and meltblown throughout the first half of 2018.