INDA annual report benchmarks North American nonwovens capacity, production and trade

The 51 page report provides a view of North American supply, including the key metrics of capacity, production and operating rates, in addition to regional trade. The report — and the INDA Quarterly Market Pulse and monthly Price Trends Summary — are provided to the 360-plus INDA member companies and associates as part of their membership.New findings include:

  • From 1990 to 2015, North American nonwovens capacity has increased an average of 5.4% per year, outpacing U.S. real GDP, which grew at 2.4% per year over the same period. During this time the industry has more than quadrupled in size, adding over two million tonnes. 
  • In 2015, North America’s nonwovens capacity increased to 2.98 million tonnes, (2.7% annual growth compared to the previous year’s growth of 1.2%). Suppressed investments due to the Great Recession, (2007 through 2009), subdued capacity growth through the end of 2014, producing a minimal additional 110,000 tonnes in North America, at an annual increase of 1.3%. 
  • Imports and exports are an important consideration in supply. North America receives imports (294,000 tonnes) comparable to 10% of the region’s capacity; while exporting 163,000 tonnes. Contrary to industry assumptions, imports from overseas into North America are not substantial, accounting for — on a net/net basis — just 4% of the region's nonwovens capacity.