Hyflux to further research into advanced membrane separation technologies

The partnership will create the STW Research Partnership Programme, and has been created to "stimulate more effective cooperation between academia and undustry to create technological breakthroughs in inorganic membrane separation technologies." The agreement between Hyflux and STW was signed at Singapore International Water Week.

The Programme is expected to last for two to four years and has a budget of US$4.2 million. Initial research will be focussed on the petrochemical production industries. STW is backed by the Dutch government, while Hyflux is involved with water and wastewater treatment plants and industrial process water treatment throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

In related Hyflux news, the company has signed an agreement with the General Desalination Company of Libya to jointly invest and develop two sea water desalination plants, which will be situated in Tripoli and Benghazi. The two plants will use Hyflux's ultrafiltration pretreatment and membrane and process technology.