Hyflux awarded S$43.8 million contract for stage one of the Tembusu seawater desalination plant

The Tembusu seawater desalination plant is part of Tuas Power’s Tembusu Multi-Utilities Complex on Jurong Island, Singapore. The complex also includes a cogeneration plant which, when completed, will use a Biomass and Clean Coal (BMCC) mix to supply 1,000 ton/hour of steam and 160 MW of electricity to its customers.

Hyflux are developing the first stage of the seawater desalination plant, which is designed to produce approximately 182,000 m³ of high grade industrial water per day to be supplied to the petrochemical factories which will be situated in the Tembusu area of Jurong Island.

Lim Kong Puay, president and chief executive officer of Tuas Power said: “Hyflux is a reputed and experienced developer of desalination plants in Asia, so we are happy to work with Hyflux to ensure the successful completion of stage one of our seawater desalination plant.”

Hyflux will beging work on the Tembusu seawater desalination plant immediately, and expect to complete the work within 20 months.