Hyflux explores opportunities in Nigeria through JV

Hyflux International Pte Ltd (HIPL) has signed a joint venture agreement with Tolaram Corporation Pte Ltd to explore opportunities for the development of membrane-based water treatment plants in Nigeria.

HIPL and Tolaram will hold equal equity stakes in the Singapore-registered Yewa Water Company Pte Ltd joint venture company. Yewa Water Company Pte Ltd owns the majority stake in Yewa Water Company Ltd, a company incorporated in Nigeria and that will be used to undertake water projects in the country.

Tolaram is a Singapore-based multi-industry company engaged in food, paper and packaging, textiles, energy, logistics and real estate businesses. Its business interests span Singapore, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Estonia and Ghana.

In Nigeria, Tolaram is involved in the distribution of food products and provision of logistics services, as well as development of infrastructure projects.