Hydro International adapts HeadCell grit removal system to offer intermittent operation

The HeadCell advanced grit removal system now has the option of intermittent fluidising and pumping.
The HeadCell advanced grit removal system now has the option of intermittent fluidising and pumping.

The HeadCell is a modular, multiple-tray settleable solids concentrator. Its stacked tray design offers high-performance grit removal, often in constrained plant layouts, while minimising installation and operating costs. Introducing an intermittent fluidising and pumping option for all HeadCell sizes and flows has enabled greater diversity in designing a system to reduce electricity consumption and maximise the operating life of equipment. The next-generation HeadCell can now also be configured to accept submersible pumps within the separation chamber.

“By introducing new options for the HeadCell, we are responding to our customers who are increasingly challenged to fit grit separation systems within tight space constraints, as well as to look for greater operating efficiencies by lowering the maintenance burden, saving energy and reducing water usage,” says Marcia Sherony, National Sales Manager of Hydro International in North America.

Intermittant operation

The HeadCell grit separation system has been adapted for intermittent operation by incorporating Hydro International’s fluidising system into the sump and designing an expanded grit pot collector. The HeadCell operates continuously without power to separate the grit. At predetermined periods, according to site conditions, the fluidising agitates the collected grit prior to it being pumped to the classifying and dewatering systems.

Intermittent fluidising and pumping is usually operated on a timed basis, controlled by plant operations personnel and based on the grit load and plant demand. Hydro International has developed proven principles for intermittent operation in grit removal during more than 30 years of operating the Grit King® hydrodynamic vortex separation system. “With expert advice, intermittent operation can offer clear advantages for certain sites, for example, where there is a wide difference between peak and average flows, or where there are very low overnight incoming flows with small grit loadings, such as may occur at small plants,” notes Sherony.   The HeadCell also now offers the option of incorporating a submersible pump within the main separation chamber grit collection sump, as an alternative to the standard dry sump model which requires an additional adjacent pump chamber. The submersible pump option is ideal for plants where space is at a premium and can also save significant construction without impacting grit removal efficiency.

In-chamber submersible pumping is available for the larger models of HeadCell, the 9 ft and 12 ft diameter units.