Hydration Technology Innovations emergency water filtration systems head to Haiti

The donations will provide thousands of single-use water filtration pouches as well as eight community supporting hydro-wells that can purify 5600 litres of water per day.

The HTI systems going to Haiti include HydroPacks, an individual pouch that can be dropped into any water source and produce a 12 ounce electrolyte-enhanced therapeutic drink in just a few hours; X-Packs, multi-use hand-held filtration systems; and the HydroWell Village, a community support water system that doesn’t need power and can provide enough water for several families.

“When the Dibners (private donors) contacted us with their desire to take these systems directly to Haiti, we began working with our contacts to see how we could deliver and deploy the systems immediately,” said Walt Schultz, CEO, Hydration Technology Innovations. “With the help of the people at Full Life Crusades, we will be able to put these systems on the ground in Haiti where they are most needed.”