Hayward Industries acquires ConnectedYard

Pool pump and filter manufacturer Hayward Industries Inc has bought ConnectedYard Inc, the Californian company that has developed the pHin™ Smart Water Care solution.

The pHin combines a Wi-Fi-enabled smart monitor and mobile app to monitor pool and hot tub water chemistry and temperature 24/7, notifying customers via smartphone when they need to balance the water.

“Hayward is thrilled to have the pHin Smart Water Care system and Silicon Valley based management, engineering and customer care teams of ConnectedYard join forces with Hayward to accelerate the growth of pHin in North America as well as our international markets,” said Clark Hale, CEO of Hayward Industries. “We believe the pHin system will be a key component in our broader IoT strategy for total pool/spa automation. The technology is highly complementary to our leading sanitization technologies and OmniLogic® control platform.”

“As pool owners, we understood there had to be a better way to manage water chemistry,” said Justin Miller and Mark Janes, cofounders of San Jose-headquartered ConnectedYard. “Our idea rapidly gained momentum and traction as ConnectedYard emerged as a Silicon Valley startup aided and guided by the technology incubator company Playground Global LLC in Palo Alto. As part of the Hayward team, we plan to accelerate growth and adoption of pHin as we expand into new markets around the world.”

The pHin Smart Monitor floats in the pool or spa water monitoring temperature and water chemistry 24/7. The pHin Mobile App notifies owners via smartphone what they should do and indicates the amount of chemicals to add to maintain healthy, balanced water. Pre-packaged water soluble chemical pods are available through pHin’s chemical subscription program. Alternatively owners can use chemicals purchased at their local store and pHin will tell exactly how much to add.

Hayward Industries manufactures residential and commercial pool equipment and industrial flow control products. Headquartered in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA, Hayward markets energy efficient pool and spa equipment including pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, salt chlorinators, automation, lighting, safety and flow control products.