HaloPure gravity feed system kills almost 100% of viruses and bacteria

The HaloPure drinking water purifier, powered by revolutionary HaloPureBR technology, provides safe, clean drinking water at the point of use in a variety of applications. The system can be used to disinfect surface water, well water, groundwater or tap water.

EPA device registration will make it easier for partner companies using the HaloPure technology to have their products approved in countries worldwide.

John Kaestle, CEO of HaloSource said, “Providing safe, affordable drinking water at the point of use, our technology will also have an important impact on developing communities, by dramatically improving the quality of life through preventing disease and by removing the need to travel long distances to gain access to safe drinking water.”

HaloPure BR kills bacteria and viruses by using a unique contact biocide technology that attacks and kills viable or harmful microbes in seconds. Having also achieved the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal for Pour Through Products(ORD-0901), HaloPure BR has proven efficacy against poliovirus, rotavirus, MS2, Klebsiella terrigena, Escherichia coli (E. coli), Vibrio cholerae, Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus.

Requiring no piped water or electricity, HaloPure BR has none of the limitations of existing technologies and can be implemented in a wide variety of applications to provide primary disinfection, safe storage and control of fouling from microorganisms in the water or within a device or system.

When integrated into existing water purification devices, HaloPure BR delivers the most flexible, price-competitive disinfection solution for truly safe drinking water, making it ideal for the rapidly growing and ever-changing global market for point-of-use drinking water solutions.