H2O Innovation secures water treatment contracts in North Africa, Russia and North America

H2O Innovation will design, fabricate and deliver water desalination and demineralization systems that will produce high purity water for a gas-powered combined cycle thermal power generation plant currently under construction in Northern Africa.

“The significant contract we have secured from one of Canada’s most renowned engineering procurement construction firm will become a flagship international project for our company in a region – Northern Africa – where H2O Innovation counts on several industrial and institutional project references,” said Frédéric Dugré, president and CEO of H2O Innovation.

H2O Innovation will also design, build and deliver a multi-skid two-pass reverse osmosis system to an independent oil and gas production company for installation on a production site in California. 

A third contract will see H2O Innovation design, build and supply two reverse osmosis produced water treatment systems to a Canadian company active in the modernization of petrochemical plants in Russia.

H2O Innovation will also build and supply smaller water treatment systems and equipment to US energy companies and to a Canadian industrial client active in the aerospace industry. A Bio-Wheel wastewater treatment system and will be delivered to a luxury wilderness resort in Canada’s British Columbia.