H2O Innovation awarded C$8mn of new contracts in North America

The City of Decatur in Arkansas, USA currently has a sequential batch reactor (SBR) operating at a flow rate of approximately 1.2 MGD (4542 m3/day). H2O Innovation is one of five suppliers to retrofit the existing process with an MBR. The addition of the MBR will increase the system capacity to 3.8 MGD (14 385 m3/day) with future expansion to 4.6 MGD (17 413 m3/day), and will incorporate biological nutrient removal.

“We are very excited to be a part of this innovative MBR retrofit in Arkansas! There are hundreds of SBR water treatment systems in North America that require expansion and this project will certainly pave the way to secure similar opportunities in the future,” said Dr Fraser Kent, manager - Wastewater Process Engineering of H2O Innovation.

The second MBR project will treat up to 0.1 MGD (421 m3/day) of wastewater from the municipality of Rivière-Beaudette, in the Canadian province of Quebec. This will be the third MBR system that H2O Innovation has installed in Quebec.

The third project is for a water treatment system using reverse osmosis (RO) that provides up to 2 MGD (7571 m3/day) of drinking water for Cinco Municipal Utility District No 1, in Fort Bend County, Texas, USA.