GKD adds to Maxflow range

These include a belt filter with stainless steel mesh, and the new 503 DN 50 filter head designed for parts cleaning. Both systems are made entirely of stainless steel, work without filter aids and are self-cleaning. GKD says that in terms of long service life, purity of filtrate, and cost efficiency the new products outperform the normal combination of paper band, bag and cartridge filters.

As one component of central cleaning systems, the filter head allows particle separation right down to the microfiltration range, without the need for added filter aids. The module can be applied to various plant designs and can be adapted to specific processes by using customised GKD filter media.

The self-cleaning Maxflow belt filter with stainless steel mesh can be used as an alternative to paper belt systems at analogue filtration rate. It offers an improved service life and a tank system with integrated scraper below the belt.