GE releases white paper on digital water solutions policy

The paper highlights how digital water solutions are proving their potential to transform the way utilities manage water treatment, distribution and usage and the paper also provides guidance for governments looking to accelerate the adoption of these solutions.

Authored by Jon Freedman, leader of global partnerships and policy for GE Water & Process Technologies, and by Geoffrey Dietz, a R. Michael Gadbaw Global Law & Policy Fellow supporting GE’s Global Governmental Affairs and Policy team, the white paper presents the major types of policies that promote adoption of digital water solutions.

These policies include education and outreach; barrier removal; incentives; and regulations and standards -offering a menu of policy options to help governments address their water resource and infrastructure needs through digital solutions. The paper also highlights examples of how various cities and countries around the world are beginning to adopt digital water solutions and technologies.

To download a copy of the white paper, please click here.