GE and BAC launch bioprocess affinity resin

The resin, LambdaFabSelect, is suitable for the GMP-regulated purification of antibodies and antibody fragments that contain a lambda light chain. Antibody fragments are receiving increased attention as potential future biopharmaceuticals because, compared with monoclonal antibodies, they have a number of advantages such as improved tissue penetration and the ability to bind to targets inaccessible to conventional antigen-binding sites. LambdaFabSelect enables bioprocess engineers to use BAC’s ligand technology to produce Fab fragments with a lambda light chain for clinical and commercial use.

The launch of LambdaFabSelect follows the development of KappaSelect, an affinity resin developed in an earlier collaboration between BAC and GE Healthcare. KappaSelect is designed for the purification of antibodies and antibody fragments containing the kappa light chain.

“One of the key challenges in antibody and antibody fragment purification is to design resins that are highly-selective and can cover a broad range of different antibody formats,” said Henrik Ihre, director of custom design media at GE Healthcare Life Sciences. “Collaborating with the team at BAC has resulted in a ready-to-use product for all human antibody formats containing a lambda light chain.”