BAC and GE Healthcare produce chromatography resin

The FactorVII/FactorVIIa resin will be marketed under the name VIISelect and will form part of the company’s series of chromatography media developed for the purification of blood coagulants.

VIISelect started as a custom ligand design programme to develop chromatography media for the purification of human FactorVII/FactorVIIa. Following the discovery, GE Healthcare and BAC worked with the customer to develop the final media suitable for cGMP production of Factor VIIa. The VIISelect media is a ready-to-use solution for the manufacturing of recombinant FactorVII/FactorVIIa, which the companies claim ensures a high purity product in a single-step.

Factor VIIa plays an important role in the blood coagulation cascade and recombinant Factor VIIa is used to treat and prevent bleeding episodes in hemophilia A and B patients with inhibitors to Factor VIII or Factor IX, and in patients with acquired hemophilia. Increasingly it is being used to treat uncontrollable hemorrhages.