GAP Feltenberger Pendulum pump from Gravitational Energy Corporation

The Feltenberger Pendulum is a Gravity Assisted Power (GAP) machine. The hand-operated machine uses the force of gravity to help provide the power needed to operate various types of machinery. The easy-to-use, hand-operated water pump and filtration system from Gravitational Energy Corporation (GEC) needs no fuel or electricity. The pendulum pump has four settings that adjust the volume and/or pressure of the water being pumped.

The optional water filtration system supplied with the pendulum pump is manufactured by Aquathin Corporation. The AquaShield filter system contains a patented anti-microbial membrane that kills harmful bacteria and viruses in the water without the need of costly chemical dosing systems or UV radiation. The small size allows the unit to be quickly transported from site to site, and the durable, rugged construction makes the complete system very inexpensive to maintain.

Alfred Lipshultz, founder and president of Aquathin Corporation said: “We’re excited to be a strategic partner with GEC. GEC has developed a breakthrough technology that can help millions of people in disaster relief, third world nations and militaries for drinking and irrigation in areas without readily available electrical supply. The Feltenberger Pendulum Pump is the only hand-operated pump I know of that allows our water filtration systems to operate fully to the capacity they were designed for.”