Fume extractor with telescopic arm

Available for the company’s FILTAIR SWX series of stationary fume extractors and the FILTAIR 2000–12000 centralized system models, the telescoping arm allows users to maximize their space, particularly in training facilities where weld booths tend to be smaller.

The telescoping arm option is available in an 8 inch diameter for the SWX series or in 6  or 8 inch diameters for the Industrial Centralized fume extraction systems. The arm can be easily shortened or extended between 3 and 4 1/2 feet, depending on the weld booth space requirements, ensuring users obtain the right length to effectively capture weld fume and help maintain a safe, clean environment. The new arm style also offers a wider range of motion, allowing the user to adjust it to a variety of angles for maximum performance. Standard fume extraction arms are significantly longer, with options for 7-, 10- or 12-foot lengths, and typically better suited for use outside of standard weld booths.

Wall-mounted option

The FILTAIR SWX systems are designed to be wall or column-mounted where the weld areas are near the filtration system, while the industrial centralized FILTAIR models are part of a high-volume engineered system designed to effectively manage weld fume particulate via installed ductwork in larger facilities.

Both the SWX and industrial centralized systems feature filters capable of capturing up to 99% of weld fume from the welding environment.