Freudenberg’s Fluoroprene XP sealing material available in UK

Fluoroprene® XP, a sealing material specifically designed for process industry applications, is now available from Dichtomatik UK Ltd. 

Fluoroprene XP is a highly fluorinated material displaying good media resistance (in both water-based and fatty media) in critical areas of the food and beverage industry, as well as broad sections of the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. The material is stable over a temperature range of  -15 to +200°C. It is said to enable the use of only one material instead of different sealing materials typically made from EPDM, VMQ or FKM.  Fluoroprene XP also exhibits a low capacity to absorb flavours with the corresponding prevention of flow back into the product media. This leads to applications in breweries that process a variety of differently flavoured beverages on the same production line where seals made of Fluoroprene XP are reported to significantly reduce the transfer of flavours from one product to the next.