Fluidra invests €5mn in its Australian and South African businesses

Fluidra has adapted worksites leased from third parties in both countries, to increase production capacity in line with its strategic plan. The company has also invested in product development for local markets.

In Australia, Fluidra is moving its production plant and warehouses to a new space in Melbourne specifically designed to respond to the multinational’s production and distribution needs.

Meanwhile in South Africa, Fluidra has moved three production plants and a warehouse to a new worksite in Johannesburg.

Eloi Planes, Fluidra’s executive president, said: “Thanks to these new worksites we will significantly increase our capacity to respond to customers in strategic markets for the group in the southern hemisphere”.

Fluidra’s 2018 Strategic Plan includes a focus on the Pool and Wellness sector, increased market penetration in markets through its international subsidiaries, and the extension of best practices in key areas (sales, manufacturing and logistics) in all of the countries in which the company operates.

Fluidra is targeting a turnover of €750 million and an EBITDA of €100 million in 2018.