FloDesign Sonics will use new funding to develop acoustic separation platform

Other investors include Ventry Industries LLC, Waters Corp founder James Waters and Jonathan Fleming of Oxford Bioscience.

FloDesign Sonics will use the proceeds of the funding to further develop its core acoustic separation technology platform and to fund commercialisation efforts in the bioprocessing market application.

“Our solution will enable a new thinking about pharmaceutical manufacturing,” said FloDesign Sonics CEO Stanley Kowalski III “In our first application we replace traditional filters and centrifuges used in therapeutic protein based drug development.”

The system employs a 3D acoustic force field to trap particles or droplets that are suspended in a flow. Subsequent particle aggregation and coalescence leads to separation of the particles resulting in a clarified flow.

Bright Capital partner Boris Ryabov said: “We are delighted to be investing in FloDesign Sonics. The technology will revolutionise the way people think about filtration and separation in numerous industries.”