Madison Industries appoints new CEO to lead Filtration Group

Madison Industries has named Jonathan Pratt as president and CEO of its Filtration Group.

Image © gilbertc - Adobe Stock.

“Finding a talent like Jon is rare,” said Madison founder and CEO Larry Gies. “Jon is a proven business builder who has successfully built great organizations in the life science and filtration markets. He is passionate about coaching leaders and building something that will long outlast him.”

Prior to joining Filtration Group, Pratt served as senior vice president of the Waters Division of Waters Corporation, an analytical laboratory instrument and software company. Before Waters, he led Danaher’s Beckman Coulter Life Sciences operating company. At Pall Corp, Pratt was responsible for a US$0.5 billion global portfolio of food & beverage, laboratory and bioprocessing filtration and instrument solutions.

“The phenomenal growth of Filtration Group has been a story I’ve followed closely,” said Pratt. “The team, the culture and the enormous runway ahead for all forms of separation and purification is a very powerful and attractive combination. The market demands for product purity, a cleaner environment and operational safety are ever increasing. I’m very excited to lead us on the next stage of our journey.”

Pratt previously served on the board of SPX Flow. He holds a BSc in chemistry from the University of Reading in the UK and earned his MBA at New York University’s Stern School of Business.