'First trace metal monitor of its kind' installed in UK

Modern Water, the owner of water technologies for the production of fresh water and monitoring of water quality, has trialled a trace metal monitor for use at a water treatment works in the UK for Severn Trent Water.  Severn Trent Water, one of the largest water supply and wastewater treatment companies in the UK, is using the OVA7000 for online, low-level trace metal analysis to ensure that the water produced consistently meets UK standards. The unit can be fully integrated into Severn Trent’s telemetry system. The OVA7000 provides online detection for a large range of naturally occurring trace metals, with detection limits below recognised drinking water standards, and prevents the time delays that are incurred when waiting for test results from the laboratory - and could allow operators to take proactive measures to prevent  water quality issues.

During the initial three-month paid trial, Modern Water supported Severn Trent Water to ensure that the results generated by the OVA were consistent and comparable to offsite analysis. Severn Trent Water took up the option to purchase the unit after the trial demonstrated the ease of use and consistent high performance of the OVA7000 and is currently investigating potential areas for deployment.  Neil Townend, managing director for Modern Water’s Monitoring Division, said: “This is the first OVA7000 installed for drinking water quality in the UK. Traditionally the UK water companies have relied on laboratory analysis or alternative on-line methods for trace metals detection. This project demonstrates the value of real time data and the reliability of the OVA7000 to provide accurate and consistent results. We are pleased that Severn Trent Water chose Modern Water’s OVA7000 for trace metal detection and look forward to a long and successful relationship with them.”

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