Filtration Mergers & Acquisitions Review: Q1 2019

Filtration-related M&A deals in the first three months of 2019 included:

•  Pentair to acquire Aquion and Pelican Water Systems

Pentair plc entered into definitive agreements to acquire US water treatment equipment companies Aquion and Pelican Water Systems. Aquion, majority owned by Mason Wells and headquartered outside Chicago, offers water conditioners, water filters, drinking-water purifiers, ozone and ultraviolet disinfection systems, reverse osmosis systems and acid neutralizers for the residential and commercial water treatment industry. Pelican Water Systems, majority owned by Trivest Partners, provides residential whole home water treatment systems.

•  Conmed acquires Buffalo Filter

US medical technology company Conmed Corp completed its acquisition of Buffalo Filter LLC from Filtration Group. Founded in 1991 and acquired by Filtration Group in 2013, Lancaster, New York-based Buffalo Filter specialises in surgical smoke evacuation technologies. The company’s product portfolio includes smoke evacuation pencils, smoke evacuators and laparoscopic solutions.

•  De Nora acquires Miox from Johnson Matthey

De Nora acquired the Albuquerque-based Miox business, a manufacturer of on-site generators for water disinfection, from Johnson Matthey. The acquisition strengthens De Nora’s growing portfolio of water purification technologies. De Nora’s on-site generation product offering includes electrochlorination systems using either seawater or brine for water treatment and biofouling control. The Miox technology adds knowledge and experience in producing proprietary mixed oxidants on site for advanced applications.

• Valmet to acquire GL&V

Valmet announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire North American-based GL&V, a global provider of technologies and services to the pulp and paper industry. GL&V supplies technologies, upgrades and optimization services, rebuilds, and spare parts for the pulp and paper industry globally. GL&V’s washing, oxygen delignification and bleaching operations with Compact Press, pumps and mixers technology for chemical pulping as well as the related Product Center in Karlstad Sweden are not included in the transaction.