Filter adhesives with enhanced thermal stability

Henkel explains that high-performance adhesives are indispensable for the production of industrial filters. They fulfill important design functions such as the stabilisation and end bonding of folded filter media or the joining of filter media to frame parts. The adhesives used must meet high quality standards, since they will be exposed in use to many different kinds of stresses, resulting from heat, pressure and chemicals. In addition, filters are normally manufactured in large quantities that require fast cycling during adhesive dispensing as well as highly economical product usage.

Polyurethane adhesive Macroplast UK 1352 has been developed by Henkel, which can bond a filter and withstand continuous operating temperatures of up to 120°C, double the temperature resistance of the predecessor product. In addition, the adhesive reaches handling strength at room temperature after only 15 minutes.

According to Henkel, Macroplast represents a viable alternative to traditional epoxy adhesives, which have to be processed hot, are therefore energy intensive, and take about one hour to cure. Moreover, they are more expensive.

Henkel has also developed Macroplast CR 3529 and Macroplast CR 8605, both of which have been approved for use in potable water filters. These adhesives also have double the temperature resistance of their predecessors – up to 80°C in continuous operation.