FibeRio launches nanofibre production equipment with Forcespinning technology

FibeRio’s Forcespinning technology uses centrifugal force to spin nanofibers, nanowires, and nanorods. The Cyclone L-1000 is designed for laboratory use, to enable research and development. The Forcespinning technology has 20,000 RPM, melt temperatures up to 450°C and multiple spinneret and orifice sizes to choose from. There is no dielectric requirement, such as in electrospinning, so organic polymers, inorganic polymers, metals and conductive polymers can all be processed.

Ellery Buchanan, CEO of FibeRio said: “As an equipment company, FibeRio is proud to deliver Forcespinning to advanced materials researchers and the nonwovens and filtration industries. The Cyclone L-1000 Series is the most versatile nanofiber system ever developed and is the introductory tool for companies anticipating the use of Forcespinning at the industrial scale.”